Friday, March 13, 2015

Culture news: The "nones" are growing - The latest religion statistics

The 2014 General Social Survey (GSS) has been released and the statistics confirm what you may already be sensing.  Tobin Grant observes: 

When asked their “religious preference”, nearly one-in-four Americans now says “none.”Up until the 1990s, this group of so-called “nones” hovered in the single digits.  The 2014 GSS showed that the so-called nones are 21 percent. How large is this group of nones? There are nearly as many Americans who claim no religion as there are Catholics (24 percent). If this growth continues, in a few years the largest “religion” in the U.S. may be no religion at all.
In addition, "Since 2012, about 7.5 million Americans more Americans don’t attend attend church."


  1. I might become the new "nones" category. I tried for 23 years to share in different local Methodist/ LCMS churches my desire to grow in Christ. It was like a square trying to fit a round hole.

    1. Mary, do not be so negative. There are many good LCMS churches, and as denominations go, it is still faithful to the word of God. Be positive. Be more active and optimistic. Let the light of Jesus shine forth and be willing to share your faith. God bless you, Mary. Always look on the bright side. There is no perfect church, but the LCMS is in my view the only church I want to belong to.