Monday, January 19, 2015

Weird and wacky history of Confirmation - complete list of links

During the last two years I wrote a series of ten posts about the history of Confirmation up to the dawn of the Reformation.  The posts now all contain at the end a link to the next post so that the reader can follow the whole story.  However the individual posts are scattered all over the blog, and so I have put all the links on one page so that it will be easier to find particular topics that may interest a reader.

Part 1 The western Church before Nicaea

Part 2 Rome before Confirmation

Part 3 Milan and northern Italy before Confirmation

Part 4 North Africa before Confirmation

Part 5 Spain before Confirmation

Part 6 The stage is set in Gaul for Confirmation

Part 7 Confirmation is born in Gaul 

Part 8 The bishop is separated from baptism

Part 9 Medieval scholastic theology defines Confirmation

Part 10 The practice and problem of medieval Confirmation

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  1. This will be very helpful for my DMIN on the Catechumenate, Mark. Thanks!