Friday, November 14, 2014

Postcard Blitz of White House for Imprisoned Christian Saeed Abedini

Saeed Abedini is a Christian and American citizen who is imprisoned in Iran because he is a Christian. Currently the American government is engaged in discussions with Iran about their nuclear program.  The American Center for Law and Justice is organizing a postcard blitz of the White House in order to remind President Obama that Saeed needs to be included in these discussions.

For those who wish to use them, postcards are available with the message:

Mr. President,
A man in your position has been given great power and responsibility to represent every American, whether on domestic or foreign soil.  Please hold to your own words, that no one is left behind.  We, the American people, ask you to do everything within your power to bring U.S. citizen, pastor, husband & father, Saeed Abedini, home to his family from his time of incarceration in Iran.
 This is a small way to help this brother imprisoned for Christ. 

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