Friday, February 28, 2014

LIfe news: President of Planned Parenthood says that when life begins is "not relevant"

In our world, the conclusions of science are usually the determiner of truth.  They provide the facts of life and everything else must bow before them.  Yet when it comes to abortion, all of that goes out the window.  The science is clear about when life begins.  For this reason, supporters of abortion don't want to talk about the issue.  It is therefore eye opening and staggering to hear Planned Parenthood Cecile Richards actually say that when life begins is not relevant to the discussion of abortion.  She says that the life of her children began when she delivered them.  One simply must watch this brief video and hear Richards uncomfortably seek to get around the issue.

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  1. Interesting. At least Mary Elizabeth Williams was honest enough to acknowledge that life begins at conception, even tho she went on to say that it was still OK to murder it later (see Cyberbrethren post Feb 1 2012): “Here’s the complicated reality in which we live: All life is not equal. That’s a difficult thing for liberals like me to talk about, lest we wind up looking like death-panel-loving, kill-your-grandma-and-your-precious-baby storm troopers. Yet a fetus can be a human life without having the same rights as the woman in whose body it resides. She’s the boss. Her life and what is right for her circumstances and her health should automatically trump the rights of the non-autonomous entity inside of her. Always.”
    So the mother and the child are both fully human, fully alive, and fully recognized as human life. But the mother can abort that human life within her for any reason or for no stated reason at all. Williams argues that the mother is an autonomous agent, whereas the unborn child is not.
    In premeditated candor Mary Elizabeth Williams declares that the unborn child is a human life, but not a human life worthy of respect or protection. As Williams insists, “I would put the life of a mother over the life of a fetus every single time — even if I still need to acknowledge my conviction that the fetus is indeed a life.”

    If I recall, the Nazis used similar language to justify the extermination of "life unworthy of life." "Those who do not remember the past....."