Saturday, August 10, 2013

Culture news: When evil wears a smile - the homosexual movement

Recently I have been watching the first seasons of the show "Glee" on Netflix.  The music is fun and the always over the top Sue Sylvester is entertaining.   The show is also a classic case of how the entertainment industry seeks to advance the homosexual movement.  Those who would oppose homosexuality in any way are portrayed as benighted homophobes trapped in their own ignorance and fear (with the subtext that like a football player on the show, perhaps their opposition is meant to repress their own homosexual feelings).  In the character Kurt Hummel we encounter the omnipresent homosexual figure of today's television and movies: fun, intelligent, sensitive and fashionable.

In the media, the homosexual movement always wears a smile.  But dark side of the evil it promotes is always just below the surface.  Robert Oscar Lopez was raised in a home with two lesbian "moms."  He has publicly written and spoken about his experiences as he opposes homosexual marriage and the placement of children in the homes of homosexual couples.  In a recent piece, he describes the treatment to which he has been subjected by the homosexual movement.

He has experienced first hand the brutality of the homosexual movement as it seeks to destroy all opposition and writes:

"The gay movement will never make peace with us until we disown the most important message of Christ.  Christ says we must not live in the urges and ambitions of this world, but must live according to his pure vision of love.  God gave up Christ to be sacrificed so that we would all be freed from the bondage of sin.  There is no way to reconcile this doctrine with the gay lobby's insistence that they can define themselves according to fleshly desires of this world and buy immortality by purchasing children.  Make peace with the gay lobby, and we lose God, condemning ourselves to an eternity without the greatest love of all."

The homosexual movement wears a smile.  But it will settle for nothing less than the destruction of every worldview that opposes it.

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