Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Culture news: Can political correctness be overcome?

Stella Morabito has written a piece that is very helpful in describing how the promoters of political correctness use saturation and suppression in order to create the intellectual and social climate of political correctness.  Unfortunately, while her analysis is very helpful, I am less sanguine about the chances of overcoming political correctness.  In particular the political correctness purveyors' control of academia and the educational system that flows from it down to the elementary classroom makes it unlikely that the personal interaction Morabito describes will be able to overturn the situation.  In addition, the scale on which the entertainment industry is able to saturate and suppress makes the chances of success slim.  It seems more likely that things will continue to move in the opposite direction and that the Church in America will increasingly find the cross to be part of her existence if she wishes to be Christ's Church.

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