Monday, April 1, 2013

Culture news: Modernity and the redefinition of marriage

The attitudes and worldview of modernity are alive and well in so called "post-modern world.. Bruce Thornton make some interesting observations about what we see in the effort to redefine marriage:

"The redefinition of marriage currently before the court reflects the modern disdain for tradition, and modernity's overweening arrogance about our superior "scientific" knowledge and our power to alter human and social reality to fit our modern prejudices and ideologies. Schooled by the media, popular culture, and dubious social science, many have come to think that homosexuality is a human variation no more significant under the law than hair color or eye color, and so any other point of view can only be the result of irrational prejudice and bigotry. Of course, this belief is unprecedented in human history, for even societies that treated homosexuals better than we think we do never claimed that they weren't anomalous. Even the ancient Greek celebrator of homoerotic attraction, Plato, called sex between males "against nature." Thus our modern view does not reflect advances in scientific knowledge, but rather changing fashion and the efforts of a gay identity-politics lobby that finds social and political traction in casting gays as victims of civil rights inequality."

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