Friday, April 5, 2013

Culture news: Learning from the Soviet Union about the importance of marriage and family

In his book The Whisperers: Private Life in Stalin’s Russia, Orlando Figes describes how when the Bolsheviks first came into power in Russia they intentionally tried to undermine the traditional family because the saw it as an entity that opposed the common good sought by the Communist party.  They made divorce easy, gave legal rights to cohabiting couples and made divorce readily available.  Within twenty years it became clear that the results were disastrous for society.  So the Soviets reversed course. They tightened divorce laws, outlawed abortion, and used state and party propaganda to hold up marriage before society as as very positive thing, and stressed that a good Communist man was monogamous and devoted to his family. They didn't do this for religious reasons, but simply because the traditional family structure produced the best citizens.  Even the Soviet Union had to recognize the ordering of creation established by a God whose existence they denied.  In spite of the same changes which are producing the same disastrous results, the United States is determined to ignore this.  


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  1. Paul Nus: This book is worth getting. Written by a Pastor who was imprisoned and persecuted by communists, and went on to found "Voice of The Martyrs":