Friday, April 5, 2013

Culture news: Chrildren raised by a same sex couple - extraordinarily rare in the real world

An important element in the homosexual movement's efforts to convince the public that "homosexual marriage" is acceptable has been to "prove" that children raised by homosexual parents fare as well as those raised by heterosexual parents (see the discussion these issues in:  However, as Peter Sprigg points out, the scenario of a children being raised by a homosexual couple is extremely rare:

The impression which advocates for marriage redefinition seek to create in the public’s mind is that children of homosexual parents are essentially in exactly the same position as children of heterosexual parents, and children raised by same-sex couples are in the same position as children raised by married opposite-sex couples, except regarding the gender of the parents.
Yet some data reported in the AAP’s own Policy Statement tend to undermine that message. Consider this quote:
“The US 2010 Census reported that 646,464 households included 2 adults of the same gender. These same-gender couples are raising ~115,000 children aged ≤18 years and are living in essentially all counties of the United States. When these children are combined with single gay and lesbian parents who are raising children, almost 2 million children are being raised by gay and lesbian parents in the United States.”
If the estimate of 2 million children with “gay and lesbian parents” is correct, then comparing it with the figure of 115,000 being raised by same-sex couples indicates that only 1 in every 17 children of “gay” parents actually lives with a same-sex couple. Thus, the model of “gay parenting” held up by homosexual activists in the marriage debate—that of children being raised in a stable household by a loving and committed same-sex couple—is extraordinarily rare in the real world, even as a fraction of the already small minority of children who have a homosexual parent.

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