Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Support needed for Lutheran Theological College Uganda

Lutheran Theological College Uganda was built in 2014 in order to provide a seminary for training pastors who will serve in the Lutheran Church of Uganda.   

There is a great need for pastors since the Lutheran Church of Uganda currently has 20 pastors who serve 148 congregations.   

The seminary is a four year program with the first, second and fourth years in the classroom, while the third year is vicarage.  The seminary has 54 students, and now has three years worth of students in training (17 first year; 15 second year; 22 vicars).  

The Rev. Dr. Enoch Macben Ekyarikunda (Ph.D. University of Pretoria, South Africa) is Acting Principal of the school. 

 Instruction is provided by a combination of full time faculty and part-time lecturers.  Students help with services in nearby congregations on Sunday in order to learn and gain experience.  They also work in the gardening that grows maize, beans and greens. The crops have helped to feed the seminary and save money.    

The growth of Lutheran Theological College Uganda has created financial challenges since the financial support for the school has not kept pace with increase in the number of students and additional classes being provided.   

Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, Marion, IL has provided support to Lutheran Theological College Uganda during the last several years. After learning about the school’s current need from Dr. Macben we are gathering donations and will wire that money to Uganda. If you would like to support the important work of Lutheran Theological College Uganda a check can be sent to:

Good Shepherd Lutheran Church
Attn: Uganda
1801 Westminster Dr
Marion, IL 62959

All donations will need to be received by March 10.

Questions can be directed to Pastor Mark Surburg (

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  1. I'm glad to hear you're doing this Mark! I hope you get a good response.