Friday, October 9, 2015

Culture news: Migration and the Islamization of Europe

William Kilpatrick has written a piece in which he raises important questions about the religion, worldview and family structure that Europe is importing into itself through the "migrants and refugees" it is allowing to enter in large numbers.  Writing from a Roman Catholic perspective he asks:

Are the bishops trying to protect their own established narrative by emphasizing the positive aspects of immigration? In light of what is happening, it seems that they have a responsibility to do more than simply remind Catholics of their moral duty to welcome the stranger. First of all, they have a responsibility to understand Islam and the kind of culture it generates. Unfortunately, many of them seem wedded to a fantasy-based conception of Islam. In the minds of many clerics, Islam is a close cousin of Christianity—an exotic cousin to be sure, but one who shares the same essential principles.
The reality—a reality that many bishops have not yet come to terms with—is that Islam is a radically different faith with a radically different moral code. A couple of years ago, the Afghan parliament rejected a measure that would have banned child marriage. The measure also would have banned the “practice of buying or selling women to settle disputes” and would have protected rape victims from criminal charges of fornication or adultery. Opponents of the measure said that it “violated Islamic principles.”
Unless the bishops understand “Islamic principles” better than Afghan legislators, they had better take stock of what sort of culture is being introduced into Europe. It will be difficult enough to repair the damage that has already been done to the family by secular relativists. It would be folly to compound the problems families face by enabling the spread of a culture that is opposed at almost every juncture to the Christian view of family.

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