Thursday, April 16, 2015

Culture news: Outlawing therapy for "transgender" kids?

During the span of less than a decade the "T" of LGBT has arrived on the scene of our culture in full force. What was once called Gender Identity Disorder is now called Gender Dysphoria because it is considered unacceptable to say that a man who thinks he is a woman or vice versa is a "disorder."  So strong is the assertion of transgenderism that legislation has been passed and proposed that would outlaw therapy that seeks to help youth with transgender issues affirm the sex determined by the body God has given to them.  If you haven't encountered transgenderism, you will.  The cultural push suggests it as an option for young people and holds it out as a welcome "solution" to mental anguish.  

Walt Heyer discusses how the suicide rate among people who pursue physical alteration to their bodies indicates that transgenderism is not the solution many think it to be. While gender dysphoria appears to be a complex phenomenon, to view transgender change as a solution inherently ignores the real problem - psychological disorder that seeks to rebel against the body God created.    

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