Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Church news: Pope Francis and the culture of comfort that rejects having babies

Pope Francis recently addressed a truth that should be uncomfortable for many Christians.  He urged Roman Catholics to reject the culture of comfort that avoids having babies.  We lament a shrinking Church. And yet the reality is that many in the Church choose not to have babies, or to have just one or two, because to have more would inhibit the level of economic comfort they desire.  Such an approach ignores the inherent purpose of marriage and its one flesh union of sex.  It is also built on an inherently selfish model which ignores the manner in which children turn us outside of ourselves and direct our lives in self-giving service to others that follows in the way of Jesus Christ.


  1. Kids, and might I add, grandchildren do turn you into a less self-centered person. Plus Grandchildren give you a second chance to love, and to be giving.

  2. The problem is when people who can't afford children keep having children then tax payers have to care for them. Maybe I've been working in the welfare field for too long. I don't see anything wrong with being fiscally responsible.