Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Good stuff Bible study available online

In 2010 I published the article “Good Stuff!:  The Material Creation and the Christian Faith,” Concordia Journal 36:3(2010): 245-262.  It considered the role the material creation plays in the Christian faith and discussed this under the headings of creational, incarnational, sacramental and eschatological.  I have explored this topic from a related perspective in the blog post "Why do they believe the sacraments are only symbols?: Presuppositions in reading Scripture." 

I have put this material into a Bible study entitled "Good Stuff!: God's creation and the Christian faith" which I have used in my congregation, Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, Marion, IL.  It was very well received and I want to make it available to anyone who may be interested in using it.  It is available through the following link: Good Stuff Bible study.

The article and blog post should provide all of the background needed to teach it to a congregation.


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