Thursday, September 19, 2013

Culture News: "Don Jon" brings the problems of internet pornography to the movies

During the last several years I have become increasingly aware and concerned about internet pornography and the manner in which it has become a cancer for our culture ... and therefore for those in the Church.  In my ministry with the laity I began to see how it was harming marriages.  Then in ministry to fellow clergy members I began to realize what a profound, and indeed addictive problem, it had become.

Because our culture sees nothing wrong with pornography in and of itself, it is a sure sign of its destructive power when even the media begins to report on the problems it is causing.  Several articles have appeared describing it's addictive character  and how it is harming the relationships between men and women (be aware, this is an explicit topic and these are rather explicit articles).

The latest example of this is the movie "Don Jon."  I have seen the tv ads for the movie, but haven't seen it and I don't think that I will - personally I don't want to see the images.  However, Lisa Eldred who writes for a website that deals with the threat of pornography did.  She provides an excellent description of the movie and how it illustrates the problems pornography creates.  When the culture begins to talk about the problems pornography is causing, it is sure sign that it is creating dysfunction on a massive scale.

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