Monday, February 25, 2013

Incredible resource: William Harmless' "Bibliographies for Theology"

William Harmless is known in Lutheran circles for his masterful book, Augustine and the Catechumenate.  Harmless has been a prolific scholar and is someone I include on the list with scholars like Peter Brown whose work is always worth reading.

Harmless has a “Bibliographies for Theology” that you should know about.  In its introduction Harmless writes:
For many years, I've tried to help my students make use of the best and the most current scholarly texts in theology.  To aid research, I've posted here an extensive set of bibliographies in the areas of biblical, historical, sacramental, and systematic theology. 

Each bibliography contains various subheadings, and under each subheading, I single out one or two books that I recommend starting with.  I give a brief review of these selected books, highlighting their strengths (and, on occasion, weaknesses or biases).
This is a resource that is not to be missed, especially if you are interested in the early Church, late antiquity or monasticism.  I have always found Harmless’ comments to be helpful.  His bibliography includes the range of significant scholarly works that should not be missed, and he is constantly updating it to include the newest and best works that come out. Enjoy!

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