Wednesday, December 4, 2013

PDF version of article "Rectify or Justify?" available online

A PDF version of my article "Rectify or Justify?: A Response to J. Louis Martyn's Interpretation of Paul's Righteousness Language" which appeared in the January/April 2013 issue of the Concordia Theological Quarterly is available online.  I wrote the article because of concern about an erroneous interpretation of the word "justify" in Paul's letter to the Galatians that has been advocated in the LCMS.  Those who are not interested in this issue will benefit from the discussion of the throne/judgment seat in biblical thought and the manner in which provides the ground for the understanding of justification.  The end of the article seeks to familiarize LCMS pastors with important work that has been done by Stephen Westerholm and Mark Seifrid.  Their careful exegetical work supports a Lutheran understanding of "justify" and "righteousness," while also providing a deeper understanding of what is included in the phrase "righteousness of God."

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