Thursday, November 14, 2013

Beautiful words about "What makes a body beautiful"

Emily Stimpson has written a beautiful piece about what makes a body beautiful.  She shares:

We may not think we’re beautiful. We may look at the women and men gracing the pages of Glamour or Men’s Fitness and think we don’t measure up because our hair isn’t as thick or our abs as tight or skin as firm. We may not like what we see in the mirror: the wrinkles, the scars and stretch marks, the cellulite or gray hairs, the nose or eyes or lips that don’t resemble the models in the magazines.

But the people we love don’t see what we see.

They don’t see a collection of body parts; they see us. They see our love for them. They see sacrifices made and patience exercised. They see how many times we’ve forgiven them, listened to them, and encouraged them. They see our honesty, integrity, fidelity, and devotion. They also see our intelligence, humor, wit, and creativity—all gifts from God and all ways we image God.
And make no mistake, they see that in our bodies. They see that when they look at us. Even if we don’t see it.

When your two-year-old or mother or spouse tells you that you’re beautiful, they’re not lying or exaggerating or blowing smoke. They don’t have a vision problem. In a way you don’t, they see the reality of you, the beauty of you—a person created by God, loved by God, and who, in body and soul, images God.

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