Friday, February 7, 2014

Church news: Evangelization missing the mark?

Michael Hannon writes as a Roman Catholic and expresses concerns about the New Evangelization that is being undertaken.  However, his words have much to say to Lutherans as we engage the task of proclaiming Christ in a post-Christian world.

Hannon comments:
From my admittedly limited vantage point, the gravest dangers for us seem to be not legalism but antinomianism, not intellectualism but sentimentalism, not scrupulosity but laxity, not despair but presumption, not all-out retreat but all-out assimilation, not pharisaic ritualism but anti-liturgical iconoclasm, not missionary timidity but evangelical over-hastiness, not self-referentialism but self-forgetfulness (and not the good kind), not stifling uniformity but disjointed miscellany, not clericalism but, for lack of a better word, laicism.

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